When it comes to both social networking and buyer research LinkedIn is the choice of many business professionals. So how do you use it to generate more leads for your business?

A number of recent reports have clearly illustrated the following

  • 82% of your prospects can be reached socially using that same network they are using to do their own research on products and services.
  • The Content Marketing Institute found the most used social networking platforms among B2B marketers are: LinkedIn (91%), Twitter (85%), Facebook (81%), and YouTube (73%).
  • Social Media Today found that 45% of B2B marketers have gained a customer through LinkedIn.

LinkedIn platform is evolving itself into the network of choice for B2B marketers, providing more access points and more ways to segment and target potential prospects. If you’re not already using LinkedIn to target your business prospects, then now is undoubtedly the time to begin.

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LinkedIn is the network of choice of many business professionals for social networking and buyer research

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