The bigger and more globally dispersed you organisation is, the more challenging and complex the process of planning and resourcing your marketing teams. Which project gets resources first? How do you fill temporary gaps while you’re recruiting new staff? And ultimately, should all your resources be centralised or is it more effective to let regional teams deliver their own campaigns?

What is a Demand Centre?

A demand centre is a hub of shared marketing services, infrastructure and processes. It is designed to enable organisations to bring programmes to market faster and more consistently by leveraging a core team of experts and best practices. Demodia’s out-sourced demand centre extends this concept, providing you with a complete marketing team or a small set of specialist resources to help you deliver outstanding integrated marketing campaigns as efficiently as possible.

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Campaign Development and Delivery

Whether you are a team of one or one hundred, everyone needs help from time to time. If your marketing dreams exceed the capabilities of your in-house marketing department then Demodia’s demand centre is here to help. From designing value propositions to campaign execution, our team can take on individual tasks or run your whole marketing programme.

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Setup and build landing pages and email templatesWorkflow and drip programme setupReduce the workload on in-house marketersAn integrated team of digital experts – no need for multiple agencies

Fill Gaps in your Marketing Organisation

Modern marketing requires a mix of skills; from strategy, to creative, to technical. With such a broad range it is unusual to find any single individual that can cover all aspects. Ensuring that you have the right balance of people and knowledge can be a tricky task to manage. Whether you need someone to fill a short-term role or you’re looking for specific skills to support a longer term project, we are available.

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Specialist skills on-demand, no need to hire full-time staffFull range of digital services availableQuickly staff gaps during absence or prolonged recruitment processesSpeed-up delivery of important marketing projects

Regional Marketing Support

With regional marketing teams typically focussed on events and communications, localising and executing modern integrated campaigns in region can be slow and painful. We work with your corporate experts to localise and deliver regional versions of your campaigns using your corporate marketing automation tools. We let your field teams focus on what they do best, delivering new leads.

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International marketing experienceGerman and English speaking consultantsFill regional marketing skills and resource gapsDeliver more effective regionalised campaigns
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Our out-sourced demand centre ensures that your marketers stay focused on their primary goal – developing your pipeline. Whether you need support developing your marketing strategy, designing banners , authoring content, operating your marketing automation platform, or executing campaigns our demand center team will ensure your marketing operations run more smoothly.

With our “Ask us Anything” policy, just complete the contact form with your demand centre related questions and one of our experts will reach out to you with an answer – no risk and no cost. Why wait!